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Quick take: This is NatureTech

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

You will be familiar with FinTech, ClimateTech, PropTech and PlanTech (among others). The [blankTech] agenda is one that see's the creation of technology and data solutions that drive positive outcomes in those specific markets, or sectors.

Well, meet the new 'Tech' movement - NatureTech.

What is NatureTech?

In simple terms NatureTech is the "advancement of technology and data solutions to enhance the provision of ecosystem services."

So if we unpack this a little bit, we find the following core elements:

  • Technology: such as sensors, cameras, satellites, meters, control systems, connectivity and computing resources

  • Data (management): including data storage, protection, processing, analytics and predictive capabilities

  • Ecosystem services: are the benefits people derive from ecosystems, such as climate regulation, water cleansing and storage and habitat for wildlife.

NatureTech seeks to focus on opportunities to accelerate the provision of ecosystem services, using emerging innovations that use technology and data.

So we can infer then that the benefits of NatureTech would include:

  • helping support flora and fauna to thrive

  • protecting and cleansing our water resources

  • protecting and restoring our soils

  • connecting people with nature

  • regulating the climate

So, apart from the obvious benefits to nature itself, these benefits are good for people, and place. Not bad hey!

And what does NatureTech look like? Well, here are five NatureTech companies and solutions that exite me and their potnetial impact:

  1. urban greening platform, by Office of Planetary Observations

  2. digital garden club membership, by Greenio

  3. AlTogether data platform, by the Sustainable Communities Infrastructure Trust

  4. Location based climate intelligence, by SensCity

  5. Drone reforestation, by Flash Forest

Interested in being part of the NatureTech movement, join the NatureTech Alliance.

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