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Quick take: If our parks had ears

Want to know what's happening in the public realm? Want to maintain the health of your living infrastructure? Want to validate the user experience of your design?

There's a sensor for that!

As a quick follow up from episode 5 on the Urbanism.Live podcast, I wanted to highlight the depth of sensing capability now available for park planners, designers and managers.

Sensing the health and performance of our green, blue and grey infrastructure was one of the six digital urbanism criteria identified as an emerging opportunity for place owners and managers. So we wanted to share what this looks like

There are sensors that can tell us:

  • how clean the air is

  • what the temperature and humidity is

  • how many people entered a space, where they went and for how long

  • the energy and water consumption of fixture, fittings adn other assets

  • where assets are

  • the moisture of the soil, its structure and nutrient health

  • the quality of water

  • how many cyclists use a space

  • the number of cars parking in a space

  • plant health, water potential and disease monitoring

  • plant and tree canopy temperature

  • fire load and fire hazard

  • the level of water runoff.

And there's more, many more.

Australian companies like Arnowa, Meshed and Sage Automation are but some of the local designers, manufacturers, suppliers and/or service providers of leading sensing capability for open spaces, places and parklands.

The parks are talking, but are you listening?

[Header photo by Luigi Frunzio on Unsplash]

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